Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Purified02 Portable Ionic Air purifier work?

It has dual modes.

The O3 & O3+ Mode. is used for its Powerful deodorization and sterilization functions to remove toxic  allergens in the air. It can Remove harmful bacteria, germs, mildew, bad odors, benzene, formaldehyde & TVOC and even help extend the storage life of food. (Use this mode only  when no animal or human being is  directly around the purifier)

Ionic ModeEffectively removes particle pollutants in the air by releasing a tremendous amount of negative ions.Dispel air pollutants such as dust, smoke and PM2.5 and Increase environmental anion concentration to freshen the air

Does this produce an ozone?

Purified02 Portable Ionic Air purifier only produces ozone at a very small and safe amount when the 03 and 03+ mode is turned on for sterilization purposes to kill germs and bacteria. At the Ionic mode it does not produce any ozone only negative ions when removing dust, smoke, pollen and PM2.5. Our product is CE, RoHS and FCC approved to be safe and met all the set requirements.

what space size does one purifier cover ?

The Purified02 Ionic Air Purifier can cover up to 120*sq 

What is the warranty of this product ?

We provide a 1-year warranty on our products .Just contact us and we will gladly help you.

Where can i use the  Purified02 Portable Ionic Air purifier?

Our Puirifier is Portable & Versatile. It can be used in the home, office, car ,refrigerator, car seat, desktop, washroom, shoe cabinet and so on.

Does it have a battery or i just use the USB to charge it?

The Purified02 Portable Ionic Air purifier  has a rechargeable battery that offer 20 days of use on the (O3 Mode)*  . It is also USB powered and only requires 4 hrs to fully charge to ensure fresh clean air whenever and wherever you are.

Does the Purified02 Portable Ionic Air purifier make noise?

The Purifed02 Air Purifier is silent and will only makes white noise that will indicate its working which has an automatic cycle when purifying the air and will go off.

What does the Ion Mode do??

The Ionizer mode creates negative ions (Purified02 creates 5,000,000pcs/m3) using electricity and then discharge them into the air. These negative ions attach to positively charged particles in the room, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. The positively charged particles and negative ions bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air. These heavier dirt particles fall to the ground and wait to be swept up at a later time providing you with a cleaner and safer air to breathe.

What are the advantages of Ions from the Purified02?

Evidence shows that air ionizers purify the air of bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, molds, soot, pollen, and household odors. This has a significant impact on people suffering from hay fever and other seasonal allergies. Asthma sufferers have also noticed a difference in the quality of air they breathe after using an air ionizer. Air ionizers can help relieve tension and help improve sleep patterns. Some studies suggest that people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may benefit from using an air ionizer in their home. According to Felix Gad Sulman, MD, the reported physiologic effects of negative ions have had remarkable benefits for those who used an air ionizer. These physiologic effects include decreased respiratory rate, decreased blood pressure, increased well-being, decreased skin temperature, increased resistance to infection, improved sleep, better sleep, anti-depressant,improved physical performance and more.

Where are my orders coming from?

Your orders are being fulfilled in our center in Maryland. To confirm this you can simply use the UPS tracking code that will be sent to you in 48hrs to confirm the origin.

Will i get coronavirus from the package being delivered?

According to Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, there's no reason to worry. “The temperature of the air surrounding the packages and projects during shipping is not considered conducive to viral viability,”Additionally, "in general, because of the poor survivabilityof these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days at ambient temperatures" the CDC's FAQ page says