Portable Air Purifiers

What is the Best Portable Air Purifier

Depends. That's the simplest answer i can give you.


It all depends on you needs.
 You know what pisses me off is when you search for a term like this " Best portable air purifiers" and the results you'll get as  top five results are 'affiliate' marketers who write blogs and articles about this set of "specific" portable purifiers without even telling you why you need it but will have a very 'colorful link' to a site where you can get one or two of the self proclaimed 'TOP-RATED' and they earn an extra commission.

Us here we don't care. We say it as it is. 
You won't find us telling you that one Purified02 Air purifier can purify 600sq ft in 40minutes. that's B.S unless you have like three of them.

So, the best portable Air Purifier will be determined by :

  • What Pollutant you want to Eliminate

  • What's the room size you want it to cover

  • Your Budget

  • Your preferences like Color, Size and  Use

Do Air Purifiers Work? Do Air Purifiers Kill Viruses?

Yes they do. 

If you identify correctly the type of pollutant you want to eliminate it can help you when choosing a portable air purifier. Pollutants like Dust, Smoke, Pollen, Mold, VOCs, Bacteria and Germs can be eliminated but this is not a substitute for general cleaning like moping, dusting, disinfecting, ok? Let's get that clear, cause i know people who sell HEPA filters will tell you that their purifiers trap this pollutants and there is no need for other cleaning.

So for Ionizers they can remove up to 0.1 microns (smallest microns ) of all those named above pollutants but they will not trap them like a HEPA Filter, for air ionizers they makes these particles heavy enough that they can't be suspended in the air and they fall in nearby surfaces like carpets, TV - you see why i said you need to clean your house still? Downside for air ionizers is that some can release unwanted ozone in the air that people who have asthma might not like.

Now for HEPA filters that everyone talks all about trap these pollutants up to 0.3 microns but the catch which so few people talk about is that, if the HEPA filter is NOT microbial it can be a wonderful breeding ground for these pollutants- bacteria will thrive in this environment.  They are good purifiers but if you tell me to name microbial HEPA Filters, i don't think i will use up all my fingers.

Then there is true HEPA Filters, Carbon activated HEPA Filters, Thermodynamic HEPA Filter ....i'm tired. Don't get me wrong that i am against them, it's just that they are too many and becomes complicated down that path. I just want to eliminate pollutants

Ozone Generators is the best option for Odors, bacteria and Viruses removal. That one is just given to them. They destroy them completely. Not capture but destroy which is the ultimate goal. For ozone generators they have different output from 5mg/h to 10,000mg/h that can sterilize a 650sq room in less than 30min . The downside is that ozone at that such high level from 2000mg/h is completely dangerous to the respiratory system.

I know you want to ask about Purified02 because its an Ionic and Ozone Generator. So, for Purified02 portable air purifier it has an output of 12mg/h (0.04ppm) of ozone which is under the limit set by OSHA of 0.05ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing heavy work. And the US Government recommends an ozone level at 0.08 parts per million or less for the home. So you more than welcome to have one ..or two.

What is the best affordable Air Purifier? Are air Purifiers a waste of money?

One, air purifiers are not a waste of money if you find the correct one that works. Our best advice is this: look at your biggest need. Then look at the features of each air purifier to see what it can do. Find the model that meets your biggest need and you’ll get the quick fix you want to make life a little bit better.

Remember some cheap air purifiers are made out of plastic and trust me they will start to smell like someone is burning plastic adding another odor to the air.

PS. Purified02 is made out of ABS material. That's safe non carcinogen material that has a high melting point.


For us we know that no true HEPA filter microbial air purifier will be cheap. Plus the filter replacement costs, that's another thing to look out for. Such things turns me off knowing after every three months i have to add +$60 - $200 for a new filter.

In Conclusion about Portable Air Purifier

Watch out for B.S about portable air purifiers. 

Some people are after the affiliate commission. 

Know the pollutant that you want to eliminate. 

Read reviews and testimonials some companies are just heavy funded by investors that they will be everywhere you go on the internet because you typed " portable air purifiers."

why we say Purified02 is the true Portable Air Purifier

  • Mini Size 

  • 20 day rechargeable battery

  • Fits Literally Everywhere.. Desk top / Car/Closet/ fridge

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