Let's First Understand Smoke and Smoke Odor Elimination Mechanism.

Smoke is not only irritating to those with allergies and asthma, but the smoke fumes and chemical vapors spread into almost every part of a facility. They cling to the carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and other soft materials. Microscopic smoke residue will remain on the walls, the ceiling, inside closets, cabinets, cracks and crevices, and most other surfaces. 

 Cigarette smoke can be a difficult pollutant to remove because there are different components to the smoke. The first component  is that cigarettes produce many toxic and irritating gases such as carbon monoxide, phenol, and ammonia gases. The second component of the smoke odor is the high level of tar vapors released into the air as cigarettes are smoked. These smelly tar vapors become sticky when they contact surfaces. They travel everywhere in the facility that smoke or air can flow into, including inside air vents, on walls and ceilings, on furniture, and even inside closets and cabinets.

Which Air Purifier for Smoke and Smoke Smell Elimination?

Ozone ionizer air purifiers are the best and the most efficient way to quickly remove cigar and cigarette smoke, Wildfire smoke, marijuana smoke, vape smoke and odors from the indoor air environment also known as (IAQ). Ozone ionizer air purifiers are extremely quiet and all come in different sizes and shapes others looking like stereo box speakers. This features allows these air purifier units to barely be noticeable when operating even in very small spaces. 

Smoke Air Ionizer - Ozone Generators Odor Eliminators

These small but powerful ozone ionizer air purifiers utilize two different technologies for them to quickly clear the air of the smoke and odors produced by cigars and cigarettes.

The first technology used is negative ionization. 

Negative ions work by attaching themselves by the millions to the floating smoke that is floating in the air. As the amount of negative ions increase as they attract onto the smoke particles they add weight to the smoke particles themselves forcing them to quickly drop out of the floating suspension in the indoor air. This action can clear a large room that is filled with cigar and cigarette smoke by multiple smokers in as little time as a few minutes and keep the smoking area clear until the smoking has stopped. 

 There are two different methods ozone ionizer air purifiers produce negative ions. The first way to produce negative ions is with a radio wave ion generator running at a frequency of 16 Kilohertz.

The second way to produce these negative ions to knock floating smoke out of the air is by DC needlepoint generation. Needlepoint ionizers include a steel needle or needles that are electronically charged with high voltage to the point of causing millions of negative ions to flood off of the needle’s tip to be blown into and across the smoky room by the quiet blower motor also included in the air purifier. These millions of negative ions immediately attach to the smoke to quickly drop the floating smoke out of suspension and to the ground to be vacuumed as needed. Purified02 Air Purifier uses this technology.

To totally eliminate smoke odor, you need something that will follow the same path as the vapors and oxidize the odors away. Purified02 Air Ionizer- ozone generator is extremely effective on smoke because the ozone (O3) attacks odors at their source. As the O3 is circulated throughout the room or facility, it oxidizes the fumes and the residue adhering to various surfaces. The ozone and negative ions will go wherever air will flow and follow the same path that smoke took when contacting those surfaces, and even flows into vents, cracks and crevices to permanently remove odor.

The ozone ionizer air purifier units with the combination ionizers knock smoke down extremely well for people living in apartments and condo buildings with adjacent neighbors that smoke because they can drop the smoker’s cigar or cigarette smoke before it can create second hand smoke contamination in the surrounding neighbors apartments!

Purified02 Ozone Generator - Ionic Air Purifier Smoke and Odor Eliminator

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