2020 Allergy Season is here...WORST TIMING! DON'T SNEEZE!


I forgot my portable air purifier, went out, SNEEZED in public and i'm still alive.. 

Get your Tea / Coffee Ready let me take you on a journey.

If you are reading this just know i accidentally... Okay, not accidentally because you can't stop a sneeze. When it is coming, it is coming and the more you try to hold it the worse it gets..... So, I sneezed the other day at the grocery store and I'm still alive to tell the tale.


 As i sit here i realize this is the worst season to have allergies. With what is happening i totally understand why people are very cautious and i can't blame them. Better to be safe than sorry. It just takes one cough / sneeze from a sick / carrier personnel and the air is contaminated (so far that's how we know it's transmitted) . 

But my allergies....ooh! 

My allergies they won't let me prosper. they are just the worst especially during this Spring Season when we have Pollen everywhere. I have Dust Allergies, Bad Odor Allergies, some fragrance Allergies but the #1 spot goes to.....Pollen!!!

The reigning champion!  It has made me realize that small things are actually powerful and can humble you. 


When Pollen Allergies hit me, my eyes start getting watery and teary they start itching everything becomes blurry and i have to squint to see.. 

my throat also wants to be part of this action and starts getting dry and itchy at the same time and then, if that was not enough for one person my nose joins in and starts running.... remember during this time i'm still sneezing and my sneezes are those....


"aaaa" {PAUSE}  


and that CHOO gets my voice to hit some HIGH NOTES i usually get surprised at myself like

 "was that me?" 

I will be hitting the same notes my favorite singer Mariah Carey hits, those G#7 notes. I know you read and relate.You are not alone. We are many out here, still undiscovered.

How worse could this season get? I saw this article and my heart skipped.

You know what?

Last year 2019 I said 2020 is my year. I had dubbed it

 The year nothing will stop me. "UNSTOPPABLE 2.0 " 

Hello, as you read this i'm currently in the house can't go anywhere cause of 'RONA'. ( if you are reading this and know any health workers / service people out there putting their lives at risk for us, please appreciate them. They are heroes and heroines!

But for me i'm STOPPED! HALTED!

But now how things are going on my end .next month is May

 .then summer will be here  right? 

then winter...... 

think i'll try 2021. 😂😂 

Those words EAST COAST triggered my allergies even as i write this i feel my nose is itching.

No kidding.! It is like its anticipating and loves doing this to me. Truly this is the worst season to have pollen allergies or even seasonal allergies or just general Allergies .

Like how will we explain to people it's Allergies and not that COVID-19? 

Scenario: Imagine someone coming at you with watery eyes, runny nose and wheezing walking towards you like the walkers in the show The Walking Dead- if you don't watch this show just imagine someone who looks half alive,half NOT alive - coming towards you and saying 

"You are fine. Don't worry!  It's Allergies. Not COVID"

 What will you do ? 

With this mandatory lock-down i am grateful and not so grateful at the same time because i have bills to pay but the bright side is i'm locked away from that nasty pollen and have very clean air indoor because of my ionic air purifier...and if i leave the house, trust me, i'll be armed with my Purified02 Portable Air Purifier and put those 5 Millons/sec Ions to work to protect me in the office, car or home. 

This is our season to face this Pollen Allergen!

But if you sneeze...just say 

" It's Allergies, Chill" ........good luck!  

Do Air Purifiers help Stop / Prevent Allergies?

All year around, people seek relief for their seasonal allergy symptoms, which are typically caused by ragweed pollen, mold, and/or dust mites. Unfortunately, allergens don’t go into hibernation with the changing of the seasons. But an air purifier can help with allergies by preventing exposure to allergens. 

 Spring is beautiful, the time of year, with blossoming flowers and a greening landscape. But it's also a key time of year for seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen, millions of people with hay fever start to sniffle and sneeze, as trees, grasses, and weeds release these tiny grains into the air to fertilize other plants. Pollen can travel for hundreds of miles, so it is not the plants in your neighborhood you feel. Pollen counts are higher on breezy days. Rainy days, on the other hand, wash away the allergens. 

 When pollen grains are breathed in by someone allergic, they send the body's defense haywire. The immune system mistakenly sees the pollen as a danger and releases antibodies that attack the allergens. That leads to the release of chemicals called histamines into the blood. Histamines trigger the runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms that anyone with allergies is more than familiar with.

 Pollen Allergies

Spring’s colorful flowers and green grass signal the end of winter’s harsh weather. They also mark the start of spring allergies, and a different kind of discomfort for millions of people around the world.Spring allergies are also known as hay fever and seasonal rhinitis. The culprit behind spring allergy symptoms is typically pollen. Mold may also play a role.

Where you live can significantly affect the time of year seasonal allergies start and end. It can also affect the severity of your allergic response.Spring allergies can start as early as February in warmer parts of the country, and may last into the summer, based upon the reproductive cycle of the local flora and fauna.The severity of the symptoms you experience will be determined by the specific plants, trees, and flowers which are blooming. 

To reduce pollen allergy symptoms:

✅Monitor your local pollen count! Local newspapers and TV news websites often publish daily reports. 

✅Stay indoors as much as you can, especially during peak hours (usually mid-morning to early afternoon) and keep your doors and windows closed. 

✅When you do go outside, wear a mask to filter pollen. 

✅When driving, keep your windows completely closed, and when you return home, remove your shoes and jacket before going inside. You don’t want to bring any pollen that you’ve picked up outside into your home. 

✅Vacuum carpets and upholstery regularly, and wash your clothes, linens, and curtains regularly. After you’ve washed your clothes, avoid drying them on a line outdoors. 

✅Do you have pets? People don't agree with this , but you should bathe them frequently. Especially dogs and cats that spend time outdoors or use a damp towel to remove pollen from their coats daily.

Another way is using a reliable air purifier that you can use wherever you are either at home / office / car.

Purified02 air purifier is portable meaning wherever you go you can have it and it has a 20 day rechargeable battery no need to worry about power outlets..

It is so quiet on ionic mode you won't even notice it's on while filtering airborne particles down to 0.3 micron in size with it's powerful negative ions that attach to these allergens making them to heavy to float in the air around you, ensuring you have a clean air to breathe. Pollen Free. Allergen Free.

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