Are Filterless Air Purifiers Good ?

You are in the search of getting an air purifier but not quite sure which purifier you should go for.Torn between  Filterless which you have read biased opinions on or ones with Filters that you have seen they have an extra cost every few months requiring new filters and now you wonder...are filterless air purifiers any good? Is there really such a thing as filterless purifiers? If they are filterless air purifiers how do they work?

I have the answers for you....thanks to innovation we have filterless technology !

Filterless Air Purifiers

Filterless air purifiers make use of electrostatic charged particles technology to remove allergens and harmful particles from the air. These are usually either as Negative Ions that attach to the pollutants removing them from the air we breathe or as a charged Oxygen atom known as Ozone(03) that destroys the pollutants like Bacteria, Mold and Odors sterilizing the air and Deodorizing it.

There are two main filterless air purifiers in the market, Air Ionizers and some Ozone Generators

Advantages of filterless purifiers

Quiet Operation

These purifiers work effectively and make a minimal sound while operating which is an added bonus. Honestly, nobody likes appliances that make loud noises! Even with endless technological advancements, other purifiers continue to produce a lot of sounds. Filterless purifiers have the potential to operate all day long and that too quietly! These devices do not have fans installed inside them which makes them perfect to be placed inside bedrooms when sleeping or even in the office without disturbing the peace of your co-workers.

Less Maintenance Required

Air purifiers with filters need to be cleaned after every couple of weeks of use to maintain the air quality. Cleaning these devices on a regular basis is quite a task. If you have allergies of any kind or are asthmatic, it becomes an even more challenging.

 On the other hand, filterless air purifiers require minimal upkeep. Often a damp cloth is all you need to clean the collection blades and some don't need any maintenance at all.

No Extra Cost

No one likes buying something expensive and having to add more costs after few months, at least i know i don't. With HEPA filters you will have to buy them more regularly especially if you want to enjoy good quality air. This is not cheap at all especially if its a microbial filter. 

Furthermore, you just can't buy any filter, you have to find the specific model filter for it to function well. 

Better Air Filtration

A good filterless air purifier like an air ionizer or ozone generator can remove pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. I know thats difficult to understand but that in shirt means it can remove more pollutant than a HEPA filter which can only go to as much as 0.3 microns.

Another benefit is, lack of filters means bacteria and other pollutants will not have a place to breed and even grow like molds. That is a big disadvantage of HEPA filter air purifiers that don't use microbial filters because this pollutants like such places.


Ozone Emission

Most filterless air purifiers make use of electrically charged particles to clean the air. As a result, the device can emit ozone- an electrically charged by-product that is released into the air after passing through the device. 

Exposure to high amounts of ozone is dangerous and should be limited and only used in a controlled environment.  OSHA recommends a maximum of 8 hrs of exposure of ozone at 0.05ppm and the US government recommend no more than 0.08ppm ozone to be a safe ozone air purifier.

With Purified02 air purifier it only emits 0.04ppm ozone which means it meets all this standards set and is a safe air purifier.You can get yourself this good filterless air purifier that is both an air ionizer and ozone generator.

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